Is "Blue Bomber" a Blight on Mega Man?

For nearly as long as Mega Man has been around, fans and the media have also known the robot hero as the "Blue Bomber." We've discussed the origin of this term in the past, but now the question has been put forth: is it really appropriate for Dr. Light's prized creation? That is the question put forth recently by Undamned, who acknowledges the toy-based origin of the term, yet feels that 'Calling Megman (sic) the "Blue Bomber" is no less offensive than the bastardization of cover art and/or character names.' But rather than blame Capcom for their part in this, such as officially adopting the nomenclature by the time of Mega Man's 10th anniversary in 1997 on the box art of Mega Man 8, Undamned instead turns the mirror on the fandom who helped perpetuate its use in the years prior.

You can read that and the rest of his musings over this and what might be a more suitable nickname here.

But what do you think? Is it just a harmless nickname, or is it really on the same level as Bad Box Art Mega Man (recent acceptance notwithstanding)? Incidentally, we like most (if not all) names from both East and West, so we aren't even about to touch that one.

Thanks to Brian Grissom for the tip!