100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 is Making Headlines Again

When Mega Man Legends 3 was initially cancelled, headlines were made all throughout the gaming world, some of which involved the formation of the group whose focus was to prove Capcom wrong; that there is indeed interest in creating a sequel to the long-dormant tale of Diggers, Air Pirates, and Reaverbots. And with the first goal of 100,000 members having been reached, headlines are being made once again. In addition to our colleague Protodude sharing in the occasion, the following are some other outlets which have picked up the story.

And finally, there is this video from AlphaOmegaSin, offering his congratulations to the group for successfully... er, bringing the game back? Anyway, beware of NSFW language:

We can definitely appreciate the "never give up" message here, that much is certain.

Of course, Capcom has still yet to respond or openly acknowledge the milestone. If anything comes up, we'll naturally be on top of it and bring it right to you.