MTV Geek Interviews Archie Mega Man Artist Ben Bates

MTV Geek has just posted a new interview with none other than Ben Bates, one of the more popular artists for Archie's Mega Man comic. For those who aren't keeping track, Bates was the artist for the "Return of Dr. Wily" story arc, which adapted the game Mega Man 2 for issues #9-12. He also provided the earlier "Villain Variant" cover featuring Fire Man, and his work can once again be seen on the cover of the upcoming 15th issue, which features Rush, Pharaoh Man, and Quake Woman, among others. As one might expect, the interview itself should be of particular interest to those with an affinity for art. Questions range from the best place to start when drawing a comic panel to the most difficult panel he's had to draw to date (and the unexpected result), whether Mega Man himself is a good character for amateur artists to start with to what the most difficult part of rendering the Blue Bomber is, and whether it was difficult to decide whether to model the characters on the earlier games' art style or that of the later ones, and more.

You can check it all out in the full article here. And for those who are more interested in simply looking at art than making it, there is plenty of eye-candy as well, with lots of developmental line art and even the full finished cover for issue #15!

Thanks to Wilyman for the tip!