Trivia Time: The Mega Man-Bravoman Connection

A little something different today... Did You Know: Many manga creators, or "mangaka," often use pseudonyms in their work? And as it so happens, one such creator who does so is none other than fan favorite Hitoshi Ariga, creator of the Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man Gigamix manga available from UDON Entertainment.

Recently, Ariga explained the origin of his pen name with a picture posted to deviantArt of Namco Bandai video game hero Bravoman. Ariga explains that it was his affinity for the game and the civilian identity of Bravoman, known in Japan as "Hitoshi Nakamura" (Arnold in the West), that he drew his professional name from. Hmm, we wonder if that means it would be okay to call him "Arnold" if he should visit from overseas again...

In any case, part of the reason this came up is that UDON has recently begun publishing a webcomic based on Bravoman, which is being written by Matt Moylan, a name some of you no doubt recognize from his work with the company's many Mega Man projects. Give it a look, and you can find out more about the comic here.

It may not hurt to familiarize yourself; after all, there's a chance Bravoman could show up alongside Mega Man X and the other heroes in the upcoming Project X Zone.