Paging Dr. Light to the OR - Emergency Operation on Guts Man

Do you recall that old game Operation? There was no way I could play that as a kid that wouldn't have resulted in a major lawsuit in real life. So this Guts Man version of Operation, created by Kodykoala, might do the trick. Robots can't take you to court you, right? They're just tin cans.

This custom Operation: Guts Man Edition is a revamped model of the game originally intended for Iron Man, of all characters, but replaces him with a Jazwares vinyl Guts Man figure, which has been painted up all nice and metallic. You can find more shots of the finished game at Kodykoala's Flickr page.

If I could make one suggestion, it would be altering the game so that it makes this noise when you mess up.

Via Destructoid (thanks Tony!)