Do You Want a Critical Look at Mega Man 2 Stages?

Yesterday saw the final installment of our "Critical Look at Mega Man Stages" series, a group of articles from Glass Knuckle we had hoped might inspire some discussion among The Mega Man Network's readers, to say nothing of giving us a steady stream of regular weekly content for a while. The downside, unfortunately, is that it seems few were as willing to discuss the stages as they were the articles themselves, which were deliberately kept short and simple in order to spur conversation, rather than pick at every detail or look like a "Let's Play."

And now, we're at a crossroads: There is material for Mega Man 2 and on ready to go, but the question is "do you want to see it?" Let us know in the comments here, and if there is interest, we'll move on to what is often regarded as one of the best games in the entire Mega Man franchise. And if not... well, that will be that, then.