The Making of an Old Man

Old man "Mega Man," featured as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken, is perhaps old news by now. The game is out, jokes were made, and, barring any kind of return in future games, the curtain has closed. But that doesn't mean Mega Man's stomach isn't still poking out a little. We've heard the story numerous times now; Ono presenting Mega Man for inclusion in SFXT, and Keiji Inafune turning it down (when he still worked at the company), inviting the designers to come up with something more unique. That may have told the story of why, but it didn't speak much on the story of how.

Coming from the Street Fighter X Tekken Artworks book, we have a look at the concept and developmental process of Mega Man. A variety of of styles, and even series, were considered in the conception, and some may really surprise you.

Hit the break for bizarre concept art goodness!

We start here with the "end result." This is the concept they settled on when making the game's character. As much flack as super-sized Mega Man has gotten, I always thought he had an inviting face, in a sort of unrefined way.

Here we have Mega Man at more angles than you probably ever wished to see him from. To the right, I guess is how his outfit is supposed to look before it's stretched out all over his body?

Here we have some concepts of Roll. Not sure who she's fooling with that broom, she doesn't seem like the cleaning type in the game.

Here we start getting into the unused stuff. This image contains a variety of outfit patterns that were being considered.

It looks like the "M" design almost made the cut. I do kind of wish they'd went with it.

Here's a take using Mega Man's traditional appearance as a base.

More classic Mega Mans, or at least other fighting game characters dressing as Mega Man? Not really sure where this concept was going. I wonder if Pac-Man has similar, muscle bound designs?

Here is bad box art Mega and Roll looking as they might have from their prime. Doesn't look too bad, actually! I wonder what the reaction would have been with these designs.

Now this one is interesting. Here we have a younger, teenaged Mega Man, wearing his outfit like a hoodie. No idea what the inspiration here was.

And this... I guess is a more anime-ish take on Mega Man and Roll? He still has "M" on his clothes and all. This looks like it could be a totally new series.


This is by far the most weird one too me. A strange, old Nintendo Power-ish looking Mega Man who apparently his a tiny Roll on his shoulder like a sprite or conscience. This one also looks the most "American" to me.

And here I can only guess is what's apparently Star Force Mega Man done up in bad box art style, with space glasses and everything. I guess Roll gets a unique design since she wasn't really a part of that series.

That's all, folks!

Many thanks to AWD! for providing the artwork scans!