The Hair-Raising Preview of Archie's Mega Man #12

If you've been looking forward to your next Archie Mega Man fix, here's a little something for you. Destructoid has a selection of preview pages from issue #12 available to take a look at. This month's installment will bring down the curtain on the series' "Return of Dr. Wily" arch, based on the game Mega Man 2. If you've followed the series up til now, you know Mega Man is going to need some help facing the previous turn of events wherein... well I won't spoil it. The issue should be coming to subscribers and retailers... soonish? Being in Japan, I have to purchase the series via iPad, which is fine and all but I've noticed a little inconsistency as to when issues become available digitally. Still, I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Via GoNintendo