No Foolin'

We just wanted to make a post to let you all know that this year, we aren't making with the April Fool's jokes. Don't get us wrong, though, as we had ideas. Oh, did we ever have ideas. But based on reactions in the past and taking into account what the past year has been like for Mega Man fans, there didn't seem like much we could do which wouldn't seem mean-spirited or ill-advised; even something like "The Mega Mario Network" from too years ago ran a little too much risk of being taken too seriously-- more so now than it was then, all things considered. And a fake game announcement?

We do value our lives, thank you very much.

With any luck, next year will be different. Even if nothing were to come out of Capcom regarding Mega Man over the next 12 months (Heaven forbid, with next year being the 25th anniversary and all), at least by then everyone might be in a little more of a mood to deal with it. But for now, we're going to spare everyone and sit this one out; consider it a reprieve.