Mega Man 5 to Hit European Virtual Console Thursday

Nintendolife reports that Mega Man 5 will be hitting the Wii Virtual Console this Thursday, March 29th.  The NES classic that introduced us to Beat, the Super Arrow and that weird Rush Coil variation will cost 500 Wii Points. While we wait on both sides of the Atlantic for news from Capcom regarding re-releasing more games, here's hoping that the time between releases drops below the nine months our friends in Europe had to wait!

Here's the official press release:

Proto Man, once the trusted brother of Mega Man, has mysteriously gone berserk, kidnapping Dr Light; forcing Mega Man to go on the offensive. Assisted by his new sidekick Beat, a robotic bird, and his faithful robo-dog Rush, Mega Man must battle through eight thrilling levels and defeat the Robot Masters lurking within. Defy gravity in Gravity Man's stage, chip away the defences in Stone Man's stage, and catch some surf in Wave Man's stage – all before the final showdown of the century.

Source: Nintendolife (via Rockman Corner)