"Zoku Fami Compi" to Trick Out Some Mega Man Tunes

Here's a nice little treat you weren't expecting. While not a new Mega Man album entirely, the game arrangement album "Zoku Fami Compi" (meaning Continued Famicom Compilation) is set to include some work from Mega Man and Mega Man 2. Go to games in the world of VG arrangements. As the name suggest, Zoku Fami Compi is a followup to the album Fami Compi, which rearranges classic 8bit tunes with drum 'n bass, dubstep and house music styles. Although no samples of Zoku are out now, you can listen to some of the original here.

Zoku Fami Compi will release in Japan on May 23rd for ¥1800, and contain a total of 20 tracks. Any guesses on what Mega Man tunes will make the cut?

News Credit: CAP Kobun