New Ultimate Armor X & Black Zero Gameplay from Mega Man X: Corrupted

Strange... I thought we had covered "Mega Man X: Corrupted" in some capacity on this site before, but a search turns up nothing. Well, following the recent footage of "Mega Man Unlimited," it would seem there is no better time! For those unfamiliar, "Corrupted" is a fan game developed by JKB Productions, and combines aspects of the PlayStation Mega Man X games with the graphic style of the Super NES titles, and drops it all into a wide-open "Metroidvania" type of world.

Following is a video of gameplay with X using the Ultimate Armor (the version from the PSone games):

The above was a test run played by JKB's brother, "to see how someone that is not as experienced with the game does." It is also noted that rather than using a keyboard, Joy2Key was used for controller input. In addition, he notes that during the part where several 1UPs are gained and no sound is made, it is due to the lives being maxed out.

Of course, X isn't the only one getting in on the action; Zero is here, too, and though he looks like his Mega Man X3 self, he comes with the style and many of the moves he has become known for in the PlayStation iterations of the series. In this video, JKB's cousin is equipped with the Black Zero armor and all Z-Saber upgrades:

For many more videos from the game, check out the official YouTube channel.