Roll! Roll! Roll! Jigsaw Puzzle Contest

The contest this time focuses entirely on Roll! Well, I guess we did do one of those before. But now we have a "new Roll" to celebrate! And that of course would be Roll, sidekick to "Mega Man" in the somewhat controversial Street Fighter X Tekken. Being an element of a DLC add-on, this Roll is hardly likely to get any development, so we're going to leave that to you. We want to see some artwork that gives an indication of what kind of character this Roll is. If you can accomplish that well, you'll win a puzzle of every other Roll!


  • Two grand prize winners will receive a 300 piece "Roll! Roll! Roll!" puzzle, pictured above.


Your objective is to create artwork that primarily depicts Roll from Street Fighter X Tekken. It can include Mega Man as well, or even other characters as you might imagine them in the game, but the focus should be Roll.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Your entry cannot make use of any content that is vulgar or offensive, even though we realize it might be challenging given this particular contest... We will disqualify any projects with such material, and we reserve the right to judge what is and is not vulgar and offensive.
  • Your entry must contain your own work.
  • Rather than just being a picture of Roll, your work should tell a story in some regard. To cater to this, text and comic style format are certainly permitted.


By entering this contest, you agree to present your home mailing address should you win so that we can mail you your prize. If you are under the age of 15, you should get consent from your parents to give out your mailing address before entering. We are not responsible for any trouble you might get into with your parents should they not agree to giving your home address.

You may enter the contest no matter where you live, provided you can receive mail from Japan in your country.


When your work is complete please email it to us!




Grand Prize Winner: Glitcher

Grand Prize Winner: Emmy-Roll

New Era Outlaw

Venomous Jello