A Critical Look at Mega Man Stages: Cut Man

After blasting through Bomb Man's stage, we now arrive at Cut Man's stage (Music).

Cut Man starts of with a few platforms and Helis. The stage is also filled with blocks that can be picked up with the Super Arm, strongly hinting at the boss's weakness. The next section is defended by two Mambus, one of which is unlikely to ever shoot near you. This screen is just a warmup though, because...

The next three screens are Mambu gauntlets. I like the ladder to the left in the second shot. It serves no practical purpose, but I like little choices like this since any doubt cast into the player's head is one more thing distracting them from the bullet heading towards their face. The bottom Mambu in the third shot also helps teach players that shooting through walls is useful.

This machine here shoots blades at you as you pass under it. Walking forward without stopping is enough to avoid damage, but a Blaster will jump into your face as soon as you're past it, with a couple more backing it up. The next screen has Adhering Suzys. Again, these usually can't hurt you as long as you don't walk into them.

As with the Mambus, the next three screens are various configurations of Suzys. None are dangerous if you take it slow.

The next blade machine doesn't have any enemies accompanying it. Not sure why they decided to make the second one easier, but those two screens just have that and a couple Helis at the other end. Anyway, the screens afterward just ask you to dodge some Kamadomas as you drop. Once more there's a Big Eye at the end, though you can escape up the ladder if it gets too close. The boss hallway just has some Screwdrivers.

I'm not sure what to say about this one. It's kinda the boring, average stage for this game. There's a lot of useless platforms scattered around, which is nice when there's nothing else to do with the space, but the Mambu screens and the drop at the end are the only ones that seem to be trying to hurt you. I think the Suzys are throwing it off, as they just aren't interesting on their own. They're best as a minor distraction while you fight something else. It's a good level to start with though.

The graphics are pretty bland, but I think the music has the best melody we've heard so far.

Next time, things heat up as we venture into Fire Man's inferno.