Notes from the UDONground

A few items of note have come up from our friends at UDON lately, and following a slight nudge, we've decided to share everything together in one (not-so) big post. First up: The Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide. UDON has posted an updated release schedule for all their upcoming books, including this little long-awaited gem. It is now dated for April 11th, and we have good reason to believe it should finally make this date. In addition, UDON notes that "This page will be updated often, and this should be considered the most accurate resource in terms of the dates that our books will be available in stores." So before you go nuts over some change made on Amazon, be sure to check this link first.

Following that, it seems that UDON has heard quite a few cries from the masses about the issue of books which are "out of print," and has chosen to address the subject here. Long story short: they print their books in mass volumes, so even though it may no longer be "in print," there may still be an abundance of copies out there-- even when some unscrupulous sellers jack up the price due to alleged scarcity. But for more details and how to best secure your copies, check the link.

Finally, they have addressed the issue of late books. Without going into specifics, they detail here why projects seem to frequently slip from their originally-intended release dates, as well as what they are going to do about it.

And hopefully, that helps clear up some concerns. Now we can get back to pleading for Iwamoto's Rockman X manga to be released, among other things.