Fans Aim to Bring Mega Man X to Life in New Fan Film

A little over a year ago, a group of fans have declared their intentions of making a live-action fan film based on Mega Man X. Specifically, they are aiming to adapt the story of "Day of Sigma" from Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, with a little bit of reference to Mega Man X4 and "lots of action scenes. According to Carlos Soto, Director and Producer for the movie, filming is set to begin soon, and they will have a video of X, Zero, and Vile in costume shortly. For now, you can check out the early prototypes of the helmets here:

More can be found on the project's YouTube channel.

Soto says, "Last Laff Productions (click for their YouTube channel --LBD) out in Miami Fl are taking this fan made film to a new level and promise to give to the X fans what they have wanted all along, actual Mega Man X action brought to life! In this film gamers will be able to related to the game itself from the SNES & PSP versions," adding that we might see a few extra surprises.

Thanks to "fhgfd" for the tip!