Rockman X Resin Kits On Sale Now at Tokyo Hunter

For the collectors out there, an interesting bit of info has been passed our way by Ratchphis. Over at Tokyo Hunter, they are currently having their second "Post Wonder Festival Sale" for Winter 2012. And among the items on sale? Resin kits from 2010 based on Rockman X.

The first item is a 1/6 scale color resin kit by Madhands, based on the Iwamoto manga version of X himself. The other comes from D-X, and is based on how Zero appears in Mega Man X4.

Both are marked down from their original 12,000 yen prices to 10,000, but just because they're on sale doesn't necessarily make them cheap; the currency conversion brings the amount to $123.16 U.S. dollars. So unless you're a seriously hardcore collector, you might want to stick with the D-Arts kits from Bandai instead.