VGMM Takes a Look at Jazwares' X-Buster

Our friend Nightram56 of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum has uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel. And naturally (as per the theme of this site), the subject of this outing is Mega Man; specifically, the X-Buster role-playing toy from Jazwares:

Nightram56 notes in the description that this is "a rare piece to see. It was poorly distributed toward the end of the first grouping of merch when Jazwares had the Mega Man license the first time. Due to poor sales of their previous low-quality collection, many pieces of the new set were pulled." As for the Classic version he speaks of, you can see the unreleased version with an X helmet here.

And while we don't recall having much trouble finding it after its release, we don't recall it flying off the shelves, either. What's funny is that the size of the toy seems to take the term "X-Buster on his hand" from the ending of Mega Man X almost too literally.

Meanwhile, Mattel released a similar item around the same time for the NT Warrior line, only it was made of a hard plastic and could cover most of an adult's forearm. And in addition to firing darts (with a cool lock-and-load cocking action), it also came with a detachable sword blade! If you had to choose between the two, we'd say that's the better choice (and if you really want it to be X's, it wouldn't take much to say it's from Mega Man X8).