Next 10 Years of Mega Man Being Discussed by "Top Men" at Capcom

Considering the infamy of the line, we're sure some people will take this the wrong way, but here goes... Capcom published a new Ask Capcom Q&A video yesterday at Capcom Unity, and as one might expect, the subject of Mega Man came up. More specifically, the subject of the 25th anniversary was brought up by one fan, while another asked about whether or not we have anything to look forward to at all in the Blue Bomber's future.

Tackling these questions was Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson, who answered the first question “We are continuing to noodle what our plans and what our celebration should be,” adding “there’s a whole bunch of things that we know we kind of have to get in a row before we actually really divulge or start to celebrate Mega Man.”

As for the other, he said “I hesitate to say exactly what, because I don’t want people reading more into it than is there,” before adding “Let’s just say there are top men thinking about and actively discussing where we’re going to take the brand for the next ten years and how we’re going to do it.”

Source: Siliconera, via HeatPhoenix

Image Source: YTMND (click if you don't get the joke)