Destructoid Hosts Exclusive Look at Mega Man #13 Villain Variant Cover

We recently got a look at the new tabloid-esque cover to the 13th issue of Archie's Mega Man comic book, which sports all sorts of intrigue as to what happenings take place within its pages. From the arrival of Dr. Lalinde to the mystery of Emerald Spears to the issue of robot souls, this one seems poised to be packed with potential. Of course, there is also something for longtime fans of the franchise as well-- Dr. Cossack is revealed to make an appearance in the solicitation, and accompanying him seems to be Pharaoh Man.

And perhaps the Egyptian-themed Robot Master has a large part to play? That seems to be what the newest Villain Variant sketch cover by Jonathan Hill indicates, and you can see it exclusively at Destructoid. They also note that it will be arriving in May, but only comic shops will get this particular cover.

Thanks for the tip, Tony!