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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Ripot's Round-Up! Thanks to our readers, we receive quite a few tips here at MMN, and unfortunately, we don't always have time to give them full coverage. So rather than sit on the items and allow them to get stale, we're bringing a whole bunch of them to you at once!

First up, we have a story from GuardianZero, who informs us that IGN has posted a list of their Top 25 PSP Games. And despite the timing, that's not for 2011, but apparently for all time. And Blue Bombers are out in force, taking up a whopping two spots on that list!

The first, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, is listed at #19, beating out names such as Rock Band, Daxter, MotorStorm, and Killzone. IGN doesn't say much about this particular version of the game, so much as it praises the core experience itself.

And the second is Mega Man Powered Up, which is ranked at #9, topping titles such as Kingdom Hearts, two Grand Theft Autos, Castlevania, Resistance, Final Fantasy, and many more. IGN hails it as something "supremely special," praising the bosses and the replay value they give the game.

Thanks for the tip, GuardianZero!


Next up, Bey-Heart gives us this piece from CrunchyRoll, in which Capcom USA expresses an interest in returning to the long lost art of gaming with 2D graphics (rather than 2D gaming with 3D graphics), but notes that doing so is quite expensive:

...I can't overstate what a tricky project HDR (Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix) was. I'm happy with the outcome (critically, community wise, sales wise) but it was a really hard tightrope to walk and some points in development were really scary (like when we threw away about 2,500 frames of animation in various stages of completion because we weren't happy with them and started again).

And the consumer expectation bar has moved considerably. The costs of doing a project like that today, with the attention to detail/features that SF3:Online Edition had, it would be difficult for sales forecasts to shoulder. --Christian Svensson, Capcom Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development

To punctuate that, CrunchyRoll points out that Street Fighter III, which came out in 1997, had 1200 frames of animation per sprite. They add that games with 2D art are more the exception than the rule these days, with most of them relegated to downloads or portable systems.

"That said, we'll see what the future holds," Svensson adds. "Creatively, I'd like to do more 2D stuff in the future like this."

Thanks for the tip, Bey-Heart!


Stealth Woman offered us a link to the following video, which is a subtitled French television commercial Mega Phil X made for his fan game, "MegaMan Unlimited":

The original commercial was for Mega Man 2, and you can see it here.

Thanks, Stealth Woman!


Ariana Garcia writes to let us know of an endeavor her friends are embarking on. They run a webcomic called Life in Aggro, and recently ran a Kickstarter program to raise money.

The reason this is relevant is that one of the offerings they have is this snazzy "We Love Rock & Roll" design, which is available on a Carolina blue or black t-shirt or hoodie:

Click to enlarge.

There are still 39 hours left as of this writing if you would like to take part!

Thanks, Ariana!


And that's it for now! Thanks to everyone who submitted a tip, and remember to submit your own to[at], or just use this handy form!

Thank you, and goodnight!