TRIAL Films Seeking Funding for Nonprofit Protomen Fan Film

One of the more interesting developments to come out of Mega Man in the past several years has been the emergence of bands inspired by the Blue Bomber in various ways, with The Protomen being among the leading examples. Since arriving on the scene, their brand of musical fan-fiction has not only allowed longtime fans to look at the series in a new light, but has also converted new fans as well.

And now, a group by the name of TRIAL Films wish to take the music of The Protomen to the next level by creating a film based on their works called "The Will of One." But the thing is, they need funding... and quite a bit of it. And that's where you come in.

In short, TRIAL is hoping to raise $8,500 to make the film. And with 56 days left on their fund raiser, they have so far managed to procure... $96. So yes, they're just a little bit short of their goal at the moment, but with two months left, there is still hope. As a point of comparison, Eddie Lebron's Mega Man fan film cost $2,000 to make.

We need at least eight thousand dollars to cover the costs of our fantastic team, concept artists, CG artists, prop designers, costume designers, everything you can imagine to make this work. We are really shooting to break our target budget because let's face it, the more money we can acquire the better this film is going to be over all.


With more than enough money on our end we'll be able to do some really spectacular stuff. Not only with CG and special effects, but stunt work, stunt doubles, wire work for insane flips. Practical effects like explosions and pyrotechnics. Everything you'd expect from an action film.

Every single dollar you donate to us is what is going to help make or break this film. If we can't reach our target goal, it's pretty much game over for us. We feel that this story deserves only the best. We are huge Protomen fans, and huge Megaman fans, we want to give this thing everything we've got. So we need your help to do so.

Even if you are unable to donate (and they'll accept anything from $1 up), they ask that you help by spreading the word about their cause. Of course, if you can donate, you can get some pretty cool "perks" depending on how much you contribute, including your name in the credits (under various roles based on amount), props from the film, specially-recorded video and MP3 messages, and more.

You can check out the full list of perks, as well as donate, by going to their IndieGoGo page.

Will they make it? That all depends on you.

Thanks to TRIAL Films, Dashe, and Stealth Woman for the tips!