Bandai's Next D-Arts Figure: You Make the Call

As we alluded to before, Bandai and Bluefin are looking into fan input towards the future of Mega Man in their D-Arts line. And today we can now say this will be effected with a series of polls to be held on Bluefin's Facebook page starting Monday.

The first poll will allow fans to submit their desired characters on top of a handful already chosen by Bluefin. This poll will run for a week, from January 16th to January 23rd.

Afterwards, a second poll will be held at a currently unspecified time taking the top seven choices from the previous poll and letting fans vote on them. This poll will not have an official end date.

This is a great opportunity you shouldn't miss! As I said previously, prior efforts ran be Bandai have actually been brought to life. So make your voices heard! Success might be more likely than you think!