100,000 Strong's Message to Hit National Airwaves

100,000 Strong for MML3's admin Matt Papa has recently come out with some news about a major publicity score. During MAGfest, the movement got some face time with National Public Radio, who plans to include it in a segment about MAGfest to be aired later. As Matt explains:

... NPR interviewed us about 100,000 Strong AND Mega Man Legends 3 to put in a segment they are doing on MAGFest!! This is *NATIONAL* radio here people, and 100,000 Strong is going to be heard by who KNOWS how many thousands, or dare I say, MILLIONS of people! This could be HUGE for us, like, mindblowingly huge! The guy who interviewed us said the segment won't air until a few weeks after the con, and to keep a lookout on the NPR schedule for the air time when they release it.


This is going to be part of a segment about MAGFest as a whole, so it's hard to say at this time just how much of this segment is going to be about us in particular. I can tell you that between Jes and I, he spent a good 15 minutes or so talking with us, so hopefully a good bit of that will find its way to the airwaves!

Indeed, NPR is syndicated to 900 public radio stations across the US, and combined with internet radio easily reaches millions of listeners! While it remains to seen how big a part the interview will play in the whole piece, it's a strong benefit. The cancellation of Legends 3 is a hot-button issue among us fans, but otherwise is probably hardly known to the general public.

As Matt said it will still be some weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on NPR's schedule for when the segment appears. We'll toss out a reminder for you, too. And of course, much luck to the 100,ooo Strong movement!

Top image by CAP Kobun