Rockman X4 Zero Ver. Releases in Japan, Rockman Solitaire on the Way

Following the release of Rockman X4 X Ver. last month for Docomo and au phones, Capcom of Japan today has released the version with Zero as a playable character. The game boasts the same high fidelity graphics and sound matching the original PSX game, with minor tweaks for convenience (such as making Jet Singray's ride chaser stage a little slower, I've heard).

Furthermore, Capcom also plans to release Rockman Solitaire for mobile phones starting February 1st. This simplistic solitaire games allows you to compete for best time. Like Rockman Sprite Logic, it will be a Flash game playable over Capcom's mobile service, and has no additional fee. For a simple game, the logo is still pretty snazzy.

News Credit: Amunshen, via CAP Kobun