Have a Happy New Year from The Mega Man Network!

As 2012 begins, we hope everyone has had a good holiday break! It's just reached midnight here on the East Coast as we reflect on the year that was, and ponder what is to come in the year ahead. To mark the occasion, Tabby has whipped up a little something for everyone, as you can see at right, where a Hitoshi Ariga-styled Proto Man/Blues sits in Times Square, waiting for the clock to tick down.

And hopefully, being the 25th anniversary of Mega Man (well, at the end of the year, anyway), we can hope that Capcom will indeed be true to their word and give us something worth waiting for. Meanwhile, UDON has done some great things in 2011 while Archie introduced their own home-grown comic, and hopefully both-- along with the offerings of Bandai, Kotobukiya, and others-- will continue to be strong in the year ahead.

With that said, what do you want to see most from the Blue Bomber in 2012? And don't just limit yourself to sequels or even games-- be creative!