Rockman Tanjou Begins Translation Work on Rockman & Forte Manga

It took a long, long time, but as of late, things have been pretty good for fans of Rockman manga... particularly those who cannot speak Japanese. Thanks to the efforts of UDON Entertainment, we've been able to enjoy the works of Mega Man Megamix, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man Gigamix without need for a Japanese-to-English dictionary. (And Viz helped lighten that load a little with their MegaMan NT Warrior releases, too.)

But, let's face it-- as awesome as their work is, they're a little late to the party. And by that, we mean that there has been over 20 years of Rockman manga released, and even for all their efforts... well, there is simply a lot left out there. Maybe even enough to take another 20 years, should they attempt to get to it all!

And that is where fans have stepped in to help out. While the releases may not be official, or even localized, manga translation group Rockman Tanjou has set forth to translate the manga adaptation of Rockman & Forte, or as some may better know it, Mega Man & Bass. As it stands, this isn't in the cards for UDON, though they'll let the translators know if that should change.

This version sticks to the Japanese names, and retains a more vulgar vocabulary, just so you're warned. With that said, you can find a two-page scan here, with a link to the download here.

Thanks to Furriman for the tip!