Capcom Looking to Marry Mega Man and Pachinko

Can't say this development will get anyone excited, but perhaps you're a Mega Man fan living in Japan and have a gambling addiction? I'm at least two of those. 100,000 Strong points out today a want ad from Capcom for a programmer under a one year contract. The purpose is for making interesting pachinko machines featuring characters from series like Street Fighter, Sengoku Basara, Resident Evil, and, of course, Mega Man.

Although pachinko is mostly associated with Japan's quasi-gambling industry largely consisting of pachinko parlors, it is likely the intention is for more recreational-geared machines, which can be found at game centers and the like. Not to mention the various Mega Man themed arcade and prize machines that have already been produced in Japan. I am hopeful for this anyway, since I personally don't think Mega Man and gambling is a very good combination.

All in all, it will fall on whoever ends up with the job to see what gets made.

Image via Wikipedia.