24 Years of Mega Man - What Makes You a Fan?

If you consider yourself a devoted fan of the Mega Man series, this has really been a year to test your mettle. I would have a hard time imagining a greater perfect storm of disappointment than this. I've seen some fans grow sad, I've seen some fans grow angry, and I've seen some fans grow utterly dissonant. But yet, I've seen them all continue to persist. This is a tough question, but what really drives you to be a Mega Man fan? What entices you to love and support the series? What motivates you to draw the characters, remix the music, make your own fan games, run your own websites? I have a hard time answering myself sometimes, and I've toyed around with fan sites for fourteen years. That's half of my life! Still, if you've loved Mega Man your whole life, or just one day, you're an equal piece of the momentum that's taken him this far.

I try as much as I can to be a realist, and I've written a few articles this year trying to understand Mega Man's appeal, and how it got in this mess. But I am also an optimist at the end of the day. I believe Capcom when they say that Mega Man is an important brand to them. How could it not when there's so much devotion to it? even if you've been seething with anger, it's because you love the series. Something unsubstantial would not draw out so much emotion and passion.

That's why I'm convinced things will get better the coming year. I'm not going to pretend like I know something, but I talk to some of the people at Capcom. They are good people, and I trust their words and their character. When we'll hear the news of Mega Man's return, or what form it will take, I have no idea. But I do believe, strongly enough that I can say that I know, it's coming.

Anyway, just remember that Mega Man has not made it 24 years because it's Mega Man. It's made it 24 years because of YOU. You're the reason it continues. So again I ask, what makes you such a Mega Man fan? I really want to hear about this, if not just your love for the series.

Thank you for 24 years, Mega Man! And here's to making the 25th something exciting and special!

Top artwork by theEyZmaster, Hondo-chan, Ring, The Wax and CaptainJamesman, just a few of many, many, many fans. Additionally, we're rounding up Mega Man 24th anniversary artwork below the break. Check it out and submit your own!

by Suraida-chan

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