Share Your Thoughts on Mega Man's Quirky Spinoffs on I Am Error

We all love Mega Man here. I mean, why else would we be on a Mega Man fan site? But even dedicated fans will admit that some of the oddball spinoff games the blue bomber has starred in aren't exactly the greatest thing in the world. Games like Mega Man Soccer, Battle & Chase, and Super Adventure Rockman may not be the highest points in the franchise, but the shared weirdness factor each game has makes them ripe for interesting discussion.

This is where you come in. I Am Error, a new podcast over at, takes a look at a handful of weird and wacky games each month with a specific theme. For their second episode, they will be discussing some of Mega Man's non-platforming adventures in the world of soccer, racing, and... well... whatever it is you want to call Super Adventure Rockman.

In preparation for the show, a post is up with a very brief look at the games that will be discussed. But they need your input! Send them your thoughts or questions about the games and they will read and discuss them when the show is recorded later in the month. You can either email them to or leave a comment directly on the post.

Be sure to look for it when the show drops. Schedules permitting, you might even hear a guest from right here on The Mega Man Network.