Bank on X with this Rare Good (Update: Mega Man and Rush too!)

Are my puns getting as good as BD's? Anyhow, here's another rare trinket to pop up on eBay. This is a piggy bank modeled after Mega Man X in his X2 armor, apparently created as a Rockman X2 good. Can't say I've ever seen it myself, and neither has CAP Kobun, who came across the auction. When even Japanese super-fans are surprised to see something, you can bet it's rare!

The auction presently sits unbid at $49.99, but I can see the price going up a bit if it's indeed something that excites collectors. The question is, if you do manage to win it, will you have any money left to put in it?

Update: Guess it's not just X. There's also this auction and this one for banks featuring Mega Man and Rush as well. Now you'll definitely be running out of money!

News via CAP Kobun