Merti Becomes Whole, Party in the Works

Hey X, still have a reason to act all emo and depressed?

A couple months back we reported on the announcement of a garage kit in the works for the original Rockman X manga character Merti. And not just any garage kit, but one officially endorsed by series author Yoshihiro Iwamoto. Mr. Iwamoto has been posting gradual updates, and recently showed off the first look at the figure's completed body form. I actually don't know much about Merti or the X manga in general, but I think Iwamoto's statement of "It's Sexy Dynamite!!!" says enough.

As you can see, the garage kit is roughly on scale to the Bandai D-Arts Mega Man X figures. Also, while it uses a stand in the above photo, the kit is capable of standing on its own feet. While it looks like things are coming along well, Iwamoto still wants more detail in the back of the hair and the back parts. In other words, more focus on the backside. Hm.

The garage kit is planned to go on sale at Wonder Festival in February, 2012. However, revealed on a Spicemen podcast last week, Iwamoto plans to hold a party in honor of Merti's "substantiation." This event is planned to be held on January 27th, somewhere in Tokyo. It is likely the first time the absolutely completed Merti kit will be shown, and other surprises might be in store, too. More details of the event will be announced before long, so Iwamoto fans should keep their heads up!

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog