Would Capcom Consider a Mega Man Movie?

by PreacherDudeRox Well, not yet actually. In fact, he's currently fighting with TV Man.

You see, it's not "a confirmation in the slightest," it's more like something to write down and to keep in mind. Recently, there's been some talk on the Ask Capcom forums about the possibility of a theatrical Mega Man film (essentially, Mega Man is fighting Movie Man, too). With some of Capcom's biggest IP already making the transition to the silver screen, it's only natural to wonder what might become of the Blue Bomber.

Capcom Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Christian Svensson, has actually stepped in to provide some insight:

"I'd think a TV format would work better myself. In any event, our licensing teams are in constant discussions with movie studios and tv production houses all over the world about such topics but nothing for me to report on that front."

I understand that it's not an actual announcement, but it gives us hope that one day, we might be watching Mega Man every Saturday morning on some TV station. You see, Mega Man has been on TV several times (most successful time, probably being the NT Warrior TV series), so it's clear that Mega Man would make a great TV character for kids. It's not a terrible idea for Capcom to win our hearts back with some good "super fighting" action, whatever the series may be.

I actually wouldn't mind seeing a Classic series, Legends series, or even an X series-based TV show; Classic being the most widely recognized, Legends probably being the best suited (I feel like the Legends already has an excellent story to begin with), and X being my personal choice (since I've always wanted to see a modern, re-done version of the Iris death scene, haha).

So, what do you guys think? Would you like to see it happen? Do you think it's possible? Does this have anything to do with Hitoshi Ariga saying he's working on a new Mega Man proje- Wait, never mind. Forget I said that. But seriously, what Mega Man series would be the best suited for a TV series and why? Remember to comment right here on TMMN, or if you'd like, tell us on Facebook. We just want to hear from you.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner