Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Wants Mega Man?

The presence of Phoenix Wright as one of the long-awaited additions to Capcom's fighting game roster has not been one of the company's better-kept secrets. And yes, you read that correctly: Capcom managed to find a way to include the unincludable, while not having any idea of how to possibly fit Mega Man into a fighting game (three prior inclusions notwithstanding, apparently). But, we digress. The company has officially revealed the inclusion of not only their Ace Attorney, but also Marvel's Nova in a series of new trailers, screens, etc.

However, N-n-N (that's "Nick 'n Nova") aren't the only new reveal; a background based on the iconic cover from the X-Men "Days of Future Past" storyline is also there, and it has been modified to be accepting of more characters than just mutants... or even just Marvel, for that matter. Take a look:

Notice anything on the "wanted" poster?

Among the flood of tips we've received about this, a few of you have also included a close-up image of the poster itself. Have a look:

For comparison, here is the original cover:

That's right: replacing Wolverine as the sole survivor from Marvel and Capcom parties alike is none other than the original Blue Bomber, Mega Man. What's more, as Wilynumber13 says, the entire poster is characters who were in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but didn't make the cut for 3, many of which are marked as "apprehended" or "slain."

Naturally, this has led to much speculation. Some people believe this is Capcom's way of mercilessly mocking fans of the Rock, while others believe this is their way of instilling hope, perhaps even hinting at a little plasma power coming our way through downloadable content. Though frankly, we believe that if it were the former, he'd be in one of the other spots.

So, what's the real story?

Well, according to some responses in an Ask Capcom thread about this very subject, moderator Zonic says that it is merely a cameo, and that "it was never meant to be a hint of some sort."

Member Nathan adds "A guy interviewed Sven about UMvC3 and the poster was one of the things that came up. Sven said it was just a bit of fun and meant nothing. Good news for fans of Psylocke, Rogue, Jin Saotome, Captain Commando, Cyclops, Gambit, BB Hood, Ruby Heart, Ice Man, Colossus, the monkey girl and cactus guy, Cable, Marrow, and Hayato. Bad news for Mega Man fans."

Incidentally, Sven himself said that the person interviewed was "probably Seth... wasn't Sven. I've conducted no interviews (I'm buried under mountains of work back at the office)."

Edit: And it turns out it was indeed Seth, as seen around five minutes into this video (via Protodude):

In any case, it doesn't sound good for Mega Man fans who wish to play as the Blue Bomber in this epic clash.

Thanks to EVERYONE who sent this in! The whole lot of you!