Meet the New Zero in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (and Tron, Too!)

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Some of you may not care about this news, while others will probably see some of it as a slap to the face. Nonetheless, here is what's new with Zero in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

...what? You didn't think they were just going to copy-and-paste him as-is into the new game, did you?

As you can see above, Zero is sporting a few new color schemes, handy for matches in which more than one person wishes to take control of Dr. Wily's ultimate creation. But can you identify the sources of the new color schemes (or, for that matter, identify the now-omitted color scheme)? You can find the answers in GameSpot's special feature, which the Maverick Hunter shares with Marvel's Dr. Doom, or you can just skip to Zero's part (as written by Capcom's U.S. Product Manager for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ryan McDougall) here.

Incidentally, he notes "Zero is the most interested in combat for combat’s sake"? Hmm, does that seem quite right? We'd probably pick Axl of the main three for that, but will leave that up for debate. Incidentally, spelling Wily with an "e" does leave us raising an eyebrow, but perhaps that was GameSpot's doing?

Incidentally, Ms. Tron Bonne of Mega Man Legends fame (or would that be infamy?) found herself featured several weeks ago, during the first part of GameSpot's series.

Huh. And all this time, we figured that the black-and-gold scheme came from that Gustaff paint job in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

Moving back to Zero, MMN reader DaiSanSei passed along to us a link to the following video from YouTube user ZeroXZ03, taken at the Battle Arena Melbourne event. Here, you can see many of the differences not only in his fighting abilities, but also a new win quote some people are finding rather inflammatory...

Ouch. Though to be fair, that probably wasn't meant to add any extra salt to the wounds around the ever-controversial Mega Man X-clusion, but it doesn't seem to have helped matters, either.

Finally, thanks to everyone who sent in the tips about the Zero color scheme updates; we'll try to have stuff like this up a little sooner next time!