The TMMN Megacast #13 - Heat Man's 5 Dryerless Adventures

In a strange twist of fate, Heat Man has found himself trapped one day into the future. But thanks to the science (read: magic) of the northern lights, Tabby, Ash Paulsen and I were able to establish a radio connection and hear his warnings of things to come! Of course, the crew started doubting the whole "future" business after Heat showed the cell phone he was using and started talking about a game from 2008. But since we're all Legends fans, we listened to the tale of his 5 Islands Great Adventure anyway.

But before that, Heat tells us just how bizarre the future really is. Have dryers really been banished from society? Is there really such a thing as a convenient post office? Are we actually just talking about Japan and not the future at all? We may never know.

This isn't the HeatCast, though. We all chime in to talk about Mega Man 9, how it feels to go back to it, how it compares with 10, and how it got the ball rolling for a retro revival in gaming.

Heat Man isn't the only comeback. The giveaway segment has returned! You'll have a chance to win your very own out-of-print Mega Man 6 keychain. A rare specimen indeed. How do you win? You'll have to listen yourself to find out!