More Mega Merch, and the Mystery of Mega Man Dot Straps

Just two quick bits here, both of which come from Nightram of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum, which archives all kinds of cool video game stuff that aren't actually video games themselves.

First up: we told you a couple of weeks ago about a brand new bounty of sweet Mega Man merchandise which would soon be released. But as you can see above, they aren't stopping there.

This batch appears to be headed to retail in December, and includes an 8-bit keychain of Rush, a classic art Mega Man keychain, a messenger bag, iPhone case, and wallet, all based strangely enough around Mega Man X6 art; a Mega Man Powered Up patch, charm, and wristband (the first two not pictured), and most interesting of all, Classic-style plush Mega Man helmets and Busters.

Up next: I think we might have covered this to some degree as the information became available with their releases, but Nightram looks back at the release of the first two volumes of Rockman Dot Straps (charms featuring 8-bit pixel art of characters and items from the series). Specifically, he looks into the mysterious "?" boxes which appeared on the promotional material, and what those turned out to be.

And of course, with the third volume on the way, there will no doubt be more secretive selections to add to one's collection.