In Lieu of Legends: Tail Concerto and Solatorobo

Granted, this isn't related to Mega Man Legends, or even Mega Man in the strictest sense, but there is a method to what some may perceive as posting madness. 1UP has debuted a developer localization diary for the upcoming Nintendo DS game Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, as well as republished a Retronauts piece on its predecessor, Tail Concerto, in which the resemblance to the adventures of a certain Blue Bomber from a far-flung and flooded future are pointed out. Of course, there is no replacing Legends, but the thought is that this may at least help fill a little of that hole in our hearts until Capcom comes around.

With that said, we would also like to remind everyone that when word first arrived of Mega Man Legends 3's cancellation, it was Hiroshi Matsuyama, President and Chief Executive Officer of Solatorobo developer CyberConnect2 who expressed his sorrow at the turn of events. Furthermore, he revealed that he would love for his company to have the opportunity to develop a Mega Man Legends game of their own for Capcom.

The idea is not entirely far-fetched; after all, CyberConnect2 does already have a working relationship with Capcom, most notably as the developer of the upcoming title Asura's Wrath. Perhaps, with any luck, if a game uncannily similar to Mega Man Legends managed to perform well enough, then CyberConnect2's associates might consider greenlighting the project under new conditions.

Of course, this is all merely idle speculation. But for those who want a little more Legends-style action and to support the series... well, there are probably worse things you can do than purchase Solatorobo for the Nintendo DS.