Hoffman Legends 3: The Hoff Answers Your Questions About the Prototype Version

So close, and yet so far. If only we had the chance to get in on this ourselves, but sometimes things don't always work out. But it's all good, because the result is the same in the end. Chris Hoffman, who wrote the preview of Mega Man Legends 3 for Nintendo Power magazine, is legendary in his own way, as he is reportedly the only journalist to ever get to lay hands on Capcom's now-canceled Mega Man Legends 3. As a result, this provides him with a truly unique insight into playing the game, matched perhaps only by those from within Capcom itself.

And now, in conjunction with fellow Future outlet GamesRadar, he is ready, willing, and able to answer your questions about the game. Mind, this does not include the controversy around the game, but rather, the game itself. How it plays, how it feels, all of that fun stuff.

To take part in this, go to GamesRadar's post and leave your questions in the comments section at the bottom (and yes, you will need to register).

"The Mega Man Legends 3 project may be dead," GamesRadar says, "but with your questions and Chris’s answers, the experience that was Mega Man Legends 3 can live on - in some small form - forever. Ask away!"