Mysteries Uncovered in Mega Man's Soccer

Here we have an ending and cast role for Mega Man's Soccer. Nothing really out of the ordinary, until you realize Soccer never actually had an ending. Beating Dr. Wily at his own game just sent you back to the title screen. This is what I read, anyhow; personally I never liked Soccer enough to want to beat it. Some say the game was just released incomplete, which is possible, though I think it's just as plausible the developers decided Soccer just didn't need an ending. Though it does have a story, with Dr. Wily trying to take over the world... with soccer?

Of course things always become more mysterious when you add Proto Man in the mix. It's entirely unknown what this scene would have been used for, and it sort of implies Mega Man died or something? It's true soccer is pretty rough in some countries... Incidentally, these scenes are available only through hacking. For the 17 years the game has been out, there has never been a legitimate way to access these. You can read up on even more unused contents at The Cutting Room Floor.

News thanks to Auto, Protodude's Rockman Corner