Showing Support for Mega Man X in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Submitted to us by MMN reader Alyssa Watts is a special music video dedicated to the pursuit of seeing Mega Man X in Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

"[H]ere is a little song I wrote," Alyssa says, "not only just for fun (and NO PROFIT INTENDED), but to show some support for my favorite Mega Man series, MEGA MAN X! Whether he'd be as a downloadable character, or in Mega Man X9, the cries of X fans around the world for the return of the blue-armored hero must be HEARD!"

"Imagine this is a song X would sing about himself to convince others that he is still strong!"

You think I'm not good enough? It doesn't mean I'm not so tough! Let me show you what I do! Let me show you I'll pull through!

With my Limitless Potential, Power Exponential, Striving to fight for peace is essential! Don't you dare lose your faith in me! Don't leave me out of the team!