10,000+ Like 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3

I had planned to post this with some other similar efforts, but since people keep spamming the comments with it... The premise of the Facebook community "100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3" is simple: get 100,000 fans to "Like" the page and show that they want Capcom to bring back Mega Man Legends 3. And so far, they are over 1/10th of the way there.

It's simple, yes, but still rather ambitious. As of this writing, 10,851 have thrown their lot in to support the Mega Man in the Moon (no, not that one), but there is still quite some ways to go.

So if you are on Facebook and would like to throw your support in with the group, just hit the link above and "Like" the group. And if you've managed to convince friends who are not a part of the Mega Man fandom proper to check out the game (prior to its cancellation, one would assume), have them "Like" it as well!

Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention!