Capcom Europe: "It's a Shame the Fans Didn't Want to Get More Involved"

Hoo-boy. This is just going to be one of those days. Checking out the blog post of GeekSpeak Radio host and MMN alumni Bryan "DarkMoogle" Carr, who has been following this whole turn of events, I saw that Capcom Europe had been responding to some fans about the Mega Man Legends 3 cancellation on their Twitter. And since people were already beginning to talk about it in comments here, I figured we might as well post it.

After all, people said they wanted more than just apologetic notes, to see actual reasons, right? Well, hold on to your blue helmets, because as Carr puts it, "now the blame is shifted to the fans, huh?"

Things began (more or less) with a tweet from @dk_lance, who echoed a not-uncommon sentiment:

@CapcomEuro I'm sad to know Legends 3 was cancelled for 3DS. Someone making decisions at Capcom's R&D HQ should get fired...

@CapcomEuro responded:

Click to enlarge.

Some time after that, @kdawg3000 asked:

@CapcomEuro What would it take to get the executives to reconsider their decision?

@CapcomEuro Please give us a response. Fans are rallying as we speak, writing, petitioning, the works. At least release the demo to (cont)

@CapcomEuro (cont) To see how it fares. It's pretty much done, from what I hear, so what do you have to lose?

And @CapcomEuro responded:

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...followed by:

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And there you have it.

Do you think that joining the Devroom should have been a prerequisite to the game being seen through to completion? Were any of you looking forward to the game, but didn't join the Devroom, content to watch as things began to shape up? Share your thoughts on this turn of events in the comments below.