Ariga's DASHing MegaMan Picture, Plus Robot Master Hijinks

Over on Twitter, Mega Man Megamix/Gigamix/Maniax writer/artist Hitoshi Ariga (@Ariga_Megamix) has been posting some seldom-seen illustrations which he has created over the years. At right (and viewable at full size down below) is a picture of MegaMan Volnutt, which has an interesting story attached to it. @CapKobun inquired about a Rockman DASH image Ariga contributed to a project called "About Rockman DASH," but which had been created under a pseudonym. He explains (via translation by Heat Man) the reason he did not use his real name was because "DASH hadn't been dealt with in Bonbon, all sorts of issues were fussed with... that sort of thing." Unfortunately for him, his secret had leaked out in no time at all!

The other two images are what Ariga describes as a "Maniax sales commemoration." He explains that "I doodled this during a business meeting for the last part of the St. Wily's Academy bit. In the original version it was only a two frame Dr. Wily's Academy, but since I and the editors overdid it with the material itself, there was a ton of it."

Click to enlarge.

Ariga continues with his third and final piece (for the time being), "When I started "This Month's Justice - St. Wily's Academy" this was practically a glimpse of the immensely chaotic manga it'd probably become. Personally I take a fancy to the dynamite body. Incidentally the one in charge of St. Wily's Academy is my (or "a", notes Heat Man) godparent."

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As it is, Heat and I are unfamiliar with "St. Wily's Academy." Needless to say, it seems... very, very strange. With any luck, the release of Mega Man Maniax will shed some light on the matter. On the other hand... do we really want to know?