"Their Defenses are Broken! Let the Tribute Begin!"

At long last, the shackles which have prevented many a Mega Man fan artist from displaying their work for all to see have been broken! Word from Protodude's Rockman Corner is that UDON has notified those who had their works chosen for publication in the upcoming Mega Man Tribute art book that they are now free to show off their works for the world at large. "TIME TO POST YOUR ARTWORK!" the message reportedly read. "With Mega Man Tribute premiering next week at the San Diego Comic-Con, itโ€™s time for everyone to post up your artwork on your personal blogs, websites and deviantart galleries."

There are about 26 selected entries which have been added to UDON's own deviantART gallery; there are undoubtedly more, but where they are and whether they have or will elect to post their work before the release of the book depends on the individual artist, of course.

And if yours made it, feel free to share a link to your entry in the comments below! Do note that comments with links require approval first, so they may not show up immediately.