Steven Chase and his Silly Pretentious Mega Man Comic Reviews

So the Mega Man comic book series from Archie is now underway; have you picked up your copy? If not, then perhaps it is because you remain uncertain of what the book brings to the fold. Fortunately for you, there's an app for that. And by "app," we mean "website."

And certainly, some have been checking out the book as well, and it has gained a rather positive reception. But if another opinion is what you need, then Steven Chase & His Silly Pretentious Brain has just what you are looking for. Chase appears to be keeping a running archive of reviews, and while he does not yet have one for the first issue, the second and third are both ready and waiting, with slots for four, five, and six ready and waiting.

Do be warned, though, that in addition to the possibility of some light spoilers (though specifics are attempted to be kept to a minimum), there is also some language and innuendo within.

Thanks for the tip, Steven!