Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom is on a Roll

How's that for a nice pun? This week Mega Man Legends 3 art director Yuji Ishihara takes us back to Roll's redesign, giving us a little more in-depth information. Included is a bit of concept artwork of her emotional range, which includes imagery of her serving as a Spotter; something we don't get to see in the games. Ishihara also explains just how useful these simple images become:

Based on these concept illustrations, our scenario planners come up with dialogue and actions for the character, the illustrators provide new illustrations, the event planners create new facial expressions and storyboards, and the motion staff create movements and mannerisms that help expression the character's personality.

Be sure to read the whole post for all the details. And be sure to keep up with Devroom and give your support! As you can see that's kind of a theme we've started up here.