MML3 Prototype Contest Update: The Contenders

Alright now. Submissions are officially wrapped up. I scoured our inbox for all e-mails concerning submissions, even the spam folder, and wrote up the names in no particular order. If you do not see your name in this list but you definitely sent something in, please comment in this post immediately and e-mail us your entry again! Otherwise judging will be taking place over the next few days on what we have received. There was at least one case where someone inquired about the contest but never sent any follow-up comments or entry. If you put in the effort we really want to include you! Anyway, without further ado: Devil_Twin01 MegaMac Press Start Rocket Jordan Mays Laura Lanford Servbot #286 sonicchic1 Daniel Jreisat Omar Perez PreacherDudeRox Michael Campbell Joseph Faber Delgado Niki Geoghegan Curtis Kam Eliana Rubio greatmuffin1

Names listed are based on those received in the e-mails, either through signature or the e-mail account itself. If you wish to be represented under another name please contact us about it ASAP. Thank you, and good luck! We're very excited to look over your entries and we hope to have the results by this weekend.