Looking at MML3's Absence from E3

Having just gotten back from E3, and my trip to California in general, I had a lot of fun but can't help feeling a little disappointment Mega Man Legends 3 wasn't present. The game, at least its Prototype Version, has been in a playable form for some time now, and we've passed the original expected release date. It seems like something that would have been easy to showcase. Some might consider this bad news for the title, but a short word from Capcom would tell otherwise. Ash Paulsen, who attended E3 (and let me crash at his place a few nights, thank you!) inquired about the absence to a Capcom representative. In response, he was told not to worry; they simply weren't ready to show the game yet. The representative spoke as if it would come out. Of course, the rep may have just meant the Prototype Version, but I also consider Ash feels strongly about the response to send it my way.

I'll also add that, considering the past year of events, it seems Capcom is aiming towards events like Comic Con and PAX to announce Mega Man-related items, perhaps because these events are geared more towards fans and less towards industry. I think whatever is going on, we'll be hearing about it soon, and it will be good.

Thanks again, Ash!