So Long and Take Care, jgonzo

This isn't really Mega Man news so much, but I want to take the time to thank someone who's been very important to this site, and to me. After today, Community Manager Joveth "jgonzo" Gonzalez will be leaving Capcom, and is setting off for a new life in Austin, Texas. To be frank, I am much more saddened by this than Keiji Inafune's own departure. I first met Joveth back in January of 2010. After it was announced that Capcom would showcase Mega Man 10 during CES, I had BD look into if I could come by to try it. Joveth warmly invited us, and I managed to roadtrip over. Keep in mind this was all in the same week of the event, so it was really last minute. I didn't really know anyone at Capcom personally at the time, and I was pretty timid to be at what I considered an event far more formal than I deserved to be at. But Joveth was the most down to earth person I spoke to. He seemed less like an employee and more like someone like me.

I'm not going to say that Joveth and I hit it off as BFFs, but over the next few months I grew more comfortable with talking to him (i.e. bugging him for favors and information). We got to know each other as well as a customer/business relationship over the internet permitted. A kind and fun guy who doesn't mind poking fun at you for being a fanboy, that sums up "jgonzo" well.

Beyond CES, I have Joveth to thank for E3 2010 and Captivate 2011. Really, I owe a number of people at Capcom thanks for those things, but Joveth was the primary connection there. I also must thank Joveth for giving us contest goods, being the first esteemed guest of our podcast, and even backing me for my interview with Capcom, which is a story for a later time. Joveth even told me about Mega Man Legends 3 moments before it was announced. That's right, moments! Though I thought he was trolling me until it was actually announced.

And really, all I've done in return is send news tips and a tin of popcorn.

Since then I've gotten to know more people at Capcom who are all wonderful. Except for Snow. (jk!) But Joveth will always be the forerunner in a sense, my initial contact. And even if through mutual benefits to a degree, we got to know each other the best I think. So, my good pal, I just want to say thank you for everything. Even if I can't bug you for Mega Man stuff anymore, I still hope we stay in touch. Enjoy life in Texas, I hope you like Dr. Pepper.